VGSO recognises the importance of members of the legal profession providing pro bono legal services to those who need them.  In support of that professional responsibility, VGSO encourages and supports its employees to undertake pro bono work.  In doing so it builds on a long tradition of VGSO staff using their professional skills to serve the public interest.

VGSO staff undertaking pro bono work are encouraged to do so in accordance with the VGSO Pro Bono Policy.  Implementation of that policy is overseen by VGSO's Pro Bono Committee and its Pro Bono Manager.
Underlying the Pro Bono Policy is the aim to work collaboratively with not-for-profit organisations and community or specialist legal centres involved in the provision of pro bono services.  Currently, VGSO is focussing its pro bono endeavours on the area of mental health in the community.
For further information on our pro bono program please contact our Pro Bono Committee: