About the Victorian Government Solicitor's Office

The Victorian Government Solicitor's Office (VGSO) provides responsive legal advice and services exclusively for the Victorian Government and its statutory authorities. Our reputation across government is strong and our legal expertise is diverse.

We are part of the Victorian Public Service, share your values and act with public value outcomes in mind. With our unique blend of government expertise and commercial know how, we are able to meet your complete legal needs. We understand the wider context of government:

  • its constraints
  • issues
  • legislative, policy and accountability regimes.

We appreciate the different problem solving options, their implications and reputational impact.

We see the big picture and provide tailored and independent advice to help you serve the State of Victoria, while understanding your individual needs.

Our people are fundamental to the quality and extent of our legal services. Our team of over 180 lawyers has what it takes to help government with its diverse legal requirements. With a wealth of government knowledge, commercial acumen and skills extending across all areas of law, partnered with a desire to contribute to public interest issues.

VGSO values

Our instructions and clients may change, our teams and how we do our work may evolve but our values will remain constant.

  • Responsiveness

    • We provide quality, timely advice that meets the needs of government.
    • We recognise that each client’s needs are different, and adapt our services accordingly.
    • We understand, manage and meet our clients’ expectations.
  • Insight

    • We utilise our knowledge and expertise to provide tailored advice that adds value for each client.
    • We understand the context in which our clients operate, and bring a whole of government perspective
    • We are custodians of, and contribute to, the institutional memory of government.
  • Integrity

    • We embody the values of a model litigant.
    • We keep the best interests of government central to everything we do.
    • We are honest, professional and transparent.
  • Collaboration

    • We partner with our clients to deliver the best outcomes.
    • We work inclusively and collaboratively with our colleagues to ensure we deliver quality and efficient services.
    • We value the unique skills of our staff and support each other to achieve our individual and organisational goals.
  • Excellence

    • Our central focus is to deliver outstanding legal advice and services to our clients.
    • We consistently provide quality services that are tailored to the specific needs of each client.
    • We use our experience to continuously learn, adapt and grow.