Commercial Litigation

We act exclusively for Victorian Government departments, agencies and authorities across a broad range of commercial litigation matters including complex regulatory disputes. We provide strategic dispute resolution services to help our clients achieve commercial outcomes and minimise the risk of adverse judicial comments.

We have a unique whole-of-Government perspective as well as a deep understanding of the Model Litigant Guidelines and their application in litigation to Public Sector Bodies as defined in the Public Administration Act 2004.  

We also understand the application of the Cabinet Guidelines for the conduct of disputes between different public sector bodies within the State of Victoria. This ensures that we deliver value for money and efficiency in our commercial litigation processes.

Our experience covers traditional court-based litigation as well as arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. 

  • We have a unique understanding of dispute resolution processes for the resolution of any disputes between government departments or agencies.

    We have developed numerous strategies for ensuring governmental disputes are resolved 'in-house' by consultation and agreement and in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

  • We have a longstanding history acting on behalf of the Victorian Government in a broad range of contractual disputes and claims.

    We understand model litigant obligations and provide early advice on prospects of success and procedural and contractual options in the event that a dispute arises. 

    Where appropriate, we utilise a variety of dispute resolution strategies including early mediation, informal settlement conferences, case conferences, offers of compromise or Calderbank offers.

  • We have significant experience assisting the State in managing high profile and often sensitive class action matters.

    We are strategic in our approach and understand the risks, costs and reputational damage that may be involved when defending actual or threatened proceedings. 

    We are particularly adept at coordinating the approach taken by different parts of government.

Reviewed 29 July 2021

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