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    Important note - VGSO operation during COVID-19

    As of COB today, 27 March 2020, all VGSO Office locations will be closed until further advised.The VGSO remains fully operational remotely, available in a business-as-usual capacity to assist our clients, so please do not hesitate to contact our staff directly as you would if they were in the office.If you wish to serve proceedings or other documents on the State of Victoria for the purposes of or in connection with a proceeding by or against the State, service on the Victorian Government Solicitor may be effected by emailing documents to ua.vog.civ.osgvd428d070622e0f4363fceae11f4a3576@d428d070622e0f4363fceae11f4a3576seriuqne
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    2020 VGSO Monthly Seminar Series

    Looking for CPD units relevant to government lawyers and the broader Victorian Public Sector? We've got you covered!The 2020 VGSO Monthly Seminar Series calendar is available to download. 2020 topics include: Ethics and Professional ResponsibilityMental Health and WellbeingEnvironmental Law and Climate ChangeRoyal CommissionsRegulationPublic Safety and Emergency ManagementWorkplace Relations and OHSLitigation and Dispute ResolutionCyber SecurityThe CharterClick to view the calendarWhat is the VGSO Monthly Seminar Series?A free educational program designed to keep you up to date on topical issues of particular relevance to the public sector.Who can attend?  VGSO seminar are exclusively available for members of the Victorian Public Sector (VPS). If you are unsure of your eligability, please email ua.vog.civ.osgv697e382cfd25b07a3e62275d3ee132b3@697e382cfd25b07a3e62275d3ee132b3maet.gnitekram or call 9032 3024.Can I register to recieve seminar invitations as they're released?Yes! If you're new to the VPS or do not currently recieve our seminar invitations via email, please email ua.vog.civ.osgv7610db9e380ba9775b3c215346184a87@7610db9e380ba9775b3c215346184a87maet.gnitekram to be added to our mailing list. Where can I find event information?Check back here soon for a link to our new events page.
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    2019 VGSO Monthly Seminar Series

    Looking for CPD units relevant to government lawyers and the broader Victorian Public Sector? We've got you covered. The 2019 VGSO Monthly Seminar Series calendar has just been released.
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    Introducing Matthew Hocking, Assistant Victorian Government Solicitor

    Matthew leads the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Branch comprising over 60 lawyers. He has been working in legal and non-legal roles within the Public and Private Sector for the past 20 years.   Before joining the VGSO Mathew held senior leadership roles at the Transport Accident Commission. He also held a number of roles within the private sector including private practice in regional Victoria, roles in commercial insurance and litigation, banking and finance and also managed a large business unit in a major bank.      He holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Melbourne (Melbourne Business School) and a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Commerce from Deakin University.  
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    Assistant Victorian Government Solicitor appointed to Magistrates' Court

    Stephen Lee, Assistant Victorian Government Solicitor of the Police Branch has been appointed a Magistrate. Stephen has spent 29 of his 32 years as a lawyer, leading both the Litigation and Dispute Resolution and, Police Branches of the VGSO, advising Victoria Police and other government public sector clients on complex legal issues. Victorian Government Solicitor, Marlo Baragwanath commented 'Stephen is regarded by his peers as the quintessential model litigant, and government lawyer and his involvement in key issues for the State throughout his career including recent Royal Commissions are testament to this.' Stephen is one of the key contributors to the Victorian Government's Common Guiding Principles for the management of ward of State claims and worked for a number of years leading the VGSO's team assisting the State's response to the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse.  He was also a key advisor to the State in the Royal Commission into the Black Saturday Bushfires. Passionate about social justice issues, Stephen was also integral to the establishment of the VGSO Pro Bono program. He is a long serving board member of Inner Melbourne Community Legal and was instrumental in establishing the pro bono secondment to the community legal centre offered to annually to lawyers at VGSO.  On announcing his appointment as a Magistrate to the office, Marlo said 'I would like to thank Stephen for his support to me over the last 18 months and his tireless contribution to VGSO over the past nearly three decades.' VGSO are now recruiting an Assistant Victorian Government Solicitor to lead a team of lawyers who exclusively advise Victoria Police. To read more about this dynamic leadership role please see our Current Opportunities. For media enquiries please contact: notrubillaH aicuL, Business Development Manager, 03 9947 1416   
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    Need help transitioning to digital property conveyancing? VGSO are PEXA subscribers!

    As you may have heard, Victoria is transitioning to digital property conveyancing and government entities are required to comply with requirements in this regard.  VGSO has subscribed to PEXA, which is part of the national property registration platform, to enable VGSO to lodge property instruments electronically. It is now mandatory that certain land registry documents be completed and lodged using PEXA, including;  Caveats; Withdrawals of Caveats; Mortgages; and Discharges of Mortgage. The types of documents that must be lodged via PEXA will progressively increase and by 1 August 2019 Land Use Victoria requires that all property settlements be done electronically. Land Use Victoria are in the process of converting all titles held by Government departments to electronic titles and noting the Government department as the controller of title. When dealing with electronic Certificates of Title (eCT), the eCT controller is required to effect a transfer of control of the title from the Government department to the PEXA subscriber who is handling the transaction.  While Government departments have electronic control of the title, they cannot transact electronically unless they are a PEXA Subscriber.   VGSO has successfully completed a number of PEXA transactions and can assist Government departments with registration of all transactions available in PEXA, including the transfer or nomination of eCTs to effect registration of instruments. Please contact one of our Property Team for further assistance on digital property conveyancing. 
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    Victorian Government lawyer, Julie Freeman finalist for Government Lawyer of the Year Award in 14th Victorian Legal Awards

    Julie Freeman, Assistant Victorian Government Solicitor, is a finalist in the 14th Victorian Legal Awards in the Government Lawyer of the Year category. The Victorian Law Awards honour the outstanding achievements of Victorian lawyers in areas including government law, access to justice and pro bono legal work, in-house counsel, accredited specialisation, mentoring and community lawyers. Throughout the award's fourteen year history, previous recipients have included current senior VGSO colleagues Alison O'Brien, Assistant Victorian Government Solicitor of Government and Public Law and Mary Scalzo, Managing Principal Solicitor. Speaking on Julie's shortlisting as a finalist, Victorian Government Solicitor, Marlo Baragwanath commented 'I'm glad to see Julie's outstanding leadership in government law recognised in this way - seeing government lawyers who contribute to key projects across the State recognised by awards like this really positions government law as a valid and rewarding career choice.  I hope that it encourages other talented lawyers to join or progress in the public sector.' Julie joined VGSO in 2013 from private legal practice to lead a practice of 25 lawyers in VGSO's Commercial Property & Technology team.  Julie is a key adviser to government entities in a wide range of sectors, including emergency services, gambling, racing, corrections and youth justice, transport, energy and resources. Julie commented 'it's a real compliment to be acknowledged in this way. I pursued a career advising government as I enjoy seeing the community impact of my work.  I relish the diverse nature of government work and the particular challenges that come from working with the complex range of stakeholders who need to be considered in any project.  I also love working with a group of committed government lawyers at VGSO and within the broader public service. Winners are announced this Friday 18 May.  For further information contact: Lucia Halliburton 03 9947 1416
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    2018 VGSO Monthly Seminar Series

    Looking for CPD units relevant to government lawyers and the broader VPS? We've got you covered. The VGSO Monthly Seminar Series calendar has just been released.
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    Victorian Government Solicitor, Marlo Baragwanath, participates in a "Conflicts of Interest" panel

    On Friday 31 March, Victorian Government Solicitor, Marlo Baragwanath, joined fellow panellists at a Victorian Ombudsman Masterclass "Conflicts of Interest: Is it or isn't it?"