Sexual Harassment in the Workplace - An update for the Victorian Public Sector on latest developments

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Wednesday, 23 August 2023 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
  • Admission is free.

Preventing and addressing sexual harassment in the workplace is more important than ever before. Legislative changes introduced in 2022 create a positive duty on employers to take reasonable and proportionate measures to eliminate sex discrimination, sexual and sex-based harassment and hostile work environments.

Worksafe has also increased its focus on sexual harassment in the workplace. For example, WorkSafe has recently charged a director, a worker and two companies after multiple allegations of sexual harassment of young workers at hospitality outlets at two Melbourne hospitals - see WorkSafe News.

It is imperative that Victorian Public Sector employees and managers understand:

  • what constitutes sexual harassment
  • what can be done to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace
  • how sexual harassment should be managed if it occurs 

The VGSO's Workplace Relations and Occupational Safety Team provides comprehensive training for Victorian Public Sector employees and managers on these matters and on the importance of a respectful, supportive and inclusive workplace which is free from unlawful discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, bullying, vilification and victimisation. This training is underpinned by the Victorian Public Sector Values and has been developed by the VGSO taking into account the Victorian Public Sector Commission's Sexual Harassment Model Policy and Guide for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (and related materials).

The VGSO invites all members of the Victorian Public Sector to join us at 1pm on Wednesday 23 August 2023 for a free lunchtime webinar update on sexual harassment covering:

  • the current sexual harassment legal framework, including key changes
  • what this means for Victorian Public Sector employers and employees 
  • recent case law

The VGSO is also offering paid workshops for Victorian Public Sector employees and managers on Thursday 31 August and Thursday September 2023 as below. Register for paid workshops for VPS employees and managers.

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