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  • This is a picture of Julie Freeman
    Assistant Victorian Government Solicitor
    BA, LLB (Hons) and Grad Dip Law
    +61 3 99471404
  • This is a profile photo of Alice Felman
    Managing Principal Solicitor
    LLB (First Class Honours), BA (Political Science and Gender Studies) (First Class Honours)
    +61 3 8684 0907
  • This is a profile photo of Andrew Field
    Managing Principal Solicitor
    BA (Hons), LLB, LLM, Grad Cert Higher Ed.
    +61 3 8684 0949
  • This is a professional profile of Julia Freidgeim
    Principal Solicitor
    JD (Hons), LLM, BBiomedSci (Hons), Dip A (Phil)
    +61 3 8684 0482
  • Generic male image
    Senior Solicitor
    LLB, Grad Diploma (Legal Practice)
    +61 3 86840897