The establishment of the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner (OVIC) brings together, for the first time, the regulation of and thought leadership in information access and privacy, data protection and sharing in Victoria. 
OVIC’s new Commissioners have functions under the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and the Freedom of Information Act 1982 including, reviewing decisions to refuse access to documents, handling complaints about privacy breaches, oversighting data security by public sector agencies, authorising information sharing between agencies and providing education and advice to assist agencies in meeting their statutory obligations when implementing government initiatives.
During this seminar, OVIC’s new Commissioners will speak about their vision, approach to their statutory functions and key areas of focus.
  • What does OVIC see as its key roles?
  • What is OVIC’s regulatory approach and engagement strategy?
  • What are the key areas of focus for the OVIC Commissioners in the next 1-2 years?
This session will also include an opportunity for Q&A with the OVIC Commissioners, led by Rebecca Radford (Managing Principal Solicitor, VGSO)

Your OVIC Commissioners

Sven Bluemmel, Information Commissioner
Sven Bluemmel was appointed as the inaugural Victorian Information Commissioner in September 2017.  
Previously, Sven was WA Information Commissioner for eight years.  During that time he was appointed by the WA Governor as a member of the State Records Commission alongside the Auditor General, Ombudsman and a records management expert.  Sven has also held senior positions in the WA Public Sector Commission, WA Department of the Premier and Cabinet, and the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department.  He also practised information and privacy law in the private sector in Melbourne and Perth.
Rachel Dixon, Privacy and Data Protection Deputy Commissioner
Rachel Dixon was appointed as the Privacy and Data Protection Deputy Commissioner on 28 November 2017.  
Rachel was previously the Head of Identity at the Commonwealth Digital Transformation Office.  Prior to that role, she held a number of senior positions in the private sector for Australian and international technology companies, where she led large teams and developed expertise in the areas of data, privacy, cybersecurity and information security.  She also brings a wealth of experience in IT, telecommunications, big data, AI and biometrics.
Sally Winton, Public Access Deputy Commissioner
Sally Winton was appointed as the Public Access Deputy Commissioner on 28 November 2017.  
Prior to her appointment, Sally served as Acting Public Access Deputy Commissioner, Acting Freedom of Information Commissioner and Acting Assistant Freedom of Information Commissioner in Victoria.  Sally has more than 11 years’ experience working across Commonwealth and State government agencies, providing legal and policy advice on a wide array of issues, including information law, administrative law, criminal law and law enforcement.
Tuesday 12:30PM 27 Feb 18 2018
12:30pm to 2:00pm
Number of attendees: