A digital future: The changing landscape of identity verification in Victoria

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Thursday, 28 April 2022 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Individuals need to verify their identify to access a range of government services. agencies and departments require verification to protect individual's privacy, safeguard the State's resources and to make safe and defensible decisions.

Our participation as individuals or businesses in the economy or community is linked to trust in who we are. For example a working with children check allows us to trust someone is safe to work with children. Proof of identity is central to this. Traditionally this has resided in physical paperwork, such as a birth certificate, passport, driver licence, or working with children check card.

As we move to a digital future, these traditional concepts are being challenged. The role of government is being rethought, particularly with respect to identity and fraud.

The Victorian Government has created Service Victoria as the place to go for Victorian government services. Service Victoria is the Victorian Government’s customer service agency. Under the Service Victoria Act 2018, the Service Victoria CEO can verify customers’ identity when they access government services. This has enabled Service Victoria to develop leading digital technology to verify the identity of over 600,000 Victorians since its establishment in 2018. 

This 1 hour online panel session, chaired and facilitated by Alex Murphy, Assistant Victorian Government Solicitor at the VGSO, will explore the changing landscape of identity verification in Victoria, how agencies can partner with Service Victoria in upgrading their processes, and the key legal considerations to take into account.

Our panellists will consider:

  • the future of identity verification in Victoria
  • Service Victoria's growing role as the Government's customer service agency
  • how agencies can work with Service Victoria to make government services easier
  • the identity verification framework under the Service Victoria Act 2018
  • the experience and learnings of DJCS in digitising identity verification services through the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages and Working with Children Check Unit
  • the legal considerations and risks associated with identity verification
  • key take-aways for Service Victoria's existing identity verification work.

Join us to hear from the following panellists:

  • Cassandra Meagher - Executive Director, Service Reform at Service Victoria.
  • Miriam (Mim) Slattery - Executive Director, Registration, Screening and Crime Prevention at the Department of Justice and Community Safety.
  • Lauren Walley - Acting Principal Solicitor in the Commercial, Property and Technology Branch at VGSO.

Attendees may be eligible to claim 1 CPD Unit in Substantive law.

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