The VGSO Twitter account is managed by our Business Development Manager, on behalf of colleagues across the Office.

We may occasionally use some automation (such as tools which generate tweets from RSS feeds) but intend that this will not dominate the messages posted.

If you follow us, you can expect between 2-5 tweets a day covering some or all of the following:

  • Alerts about new content on our other digital channels (blog posts, newsletters etc)
  • Invitations to events
  • Recruitment opportunities
  • Information on legal issues relevant to the Victorian Government
  • News about our Office
  • Occasional live coverage of events, including CPD seminars. Note: live tweeting is intended to capture events "in the moment" each tweet bearing an event hashtag. It should be taken in that spirit and not construed as legal advice.

Following and retweeting

VGSO follows organisations or individuals of relevance to the VGSO. The fact that VGSO follows you on Twitter or retweets or links to content does not imply endorsement of any kind.

Any posts you make on Twitter are publicly viewable and searchable. Posts may remain online indefinitely and can be found by search engines. VGSO's full privacy policy can be found here

Inappropriate material

Any posts that are abusive, threatening, appear to be defamatory, discriminatory, hateful toward any group or person or are in any way unlawful will be deleted as soon as possible. The VGSO may block users who post material of this nature. Please also note that Twitter has terms and conditions by which its users are bound [link].


Tweets by VGSO are intended for informational purposes only and are not legal advice. You should carefully evaluate their accuracy, currency, completeness and relevance for your purposes, and obtain any appropriate professional advice relevant to your particular circumstances. If you rely on the information tweeted by VGSO, then you do so at your own risk. VGSO is not liable to you or any other person for any loss or damage arising from the use of information it has tweeted.  Any links to external websites on this website are provided for convenience only and VGSO does not purport to endorse any of the linked websites.


We will update and monitor our Twitter account during office hours, Monday to Friday. Twitter may occasionally be unavailable and we accept no responsibility for lack of service due to Twitter downtime.

@Replies and Direct Messages

Our twitter feed is not monitored on a 24 / 7 basis. We are not able to reply individually to all the messages we receive via Twitter. We endeavour to read all @replies and ensure that any emerging themes or helpful suggestions are passed to the relevant people in the Office.

We do not accept Direct Messages. For official correspondence, please contact us via the contact us section of our website.  

We cannot engage on issues of party politics or engage in behaviour which is not in accordance with the Victorian Public Sector Code of Conduct.